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“ I’m remodeling my kitchen.” But how?

There is a list of steps below on how to get started with a kitchen remodeling project.

It’s easy to say, “ I’m remodeling my kitchen.” But how? Where to start the project? What the steps to take? Because it’s a big project, people tend to start with the easiest, meaning looking at other kitchen ideas online, in magazines, etc. Or they start looking and choosing their future kitchen appliances. Many aspects consider thinking about remodeling the kitchen; as mentioned before, many homeowners get lost and distracted with overwhelming options for their kitchen updates because it’s a significant project. It takes way longer than expected.

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There are a few essential steps below after the initial “research” is done.

How About The Layout Of Your Future Kitchen

The step is to estimate how you utilize your kitchen and determine the design and features that suit you best. Meaning, is the existing layout of the kitchen enough for you? Maybe there is not enough room in the kitchen while you cook? Or having a larger group of people around the kitchen counter is impossible because they are cramped and uncomfortable. If you can answer those questions, you ready to move on to the next step.

How Much It’s Gonna Cost

It’s time to start making decisions like an estimated budget and a plan for your future project. Because it’s just an initial estimation, it’s most likely going to change a few times during the project, so don’t get discouraged that you have to get those right facts just from the start.

While designing your future kitchen, you’ll learn more about the whole process also costs, so reconciling what you can even afford to complete the kitchen is entirely ok especially if that’s your first major project as a homeowner.

With that being said, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Getting Professional Help

If you, not a contractor or a plumber, don’t worry; there is plenty of professionals out there to help you with whatever you require for your project from start to finish. Hiring a builder or contractor will make your kitchen remodel much more comfortable and smoother.

They will help you with everything needed to finish your projects, like shopping for products and fixtures, planning and designing your project, budget, and necessary permits.

Layout Planning

It’s time to start planning and figuring out the layout, what kind of materials and finishes you would like, and where they would go (like countertops, cabinetry, or flooring). After all those steps are done, you will also have an estimated idea of how much your new kitchen will cost.

Finally, you can start talking to the contractors and carpenters to get the raw estimate of their labor cost also the time frame for the job, so you can decide who you want to work with on your kitchen remodeling.

Design And Legal Permits

In this step, it’s time to decide and stick to the final design, layout, and floor plan, including plumbing, electrical schematic, also all the fixtures and finishes. It would be best to have absolutely everything ready because that will determine the final contractor’s price for the job.

All the schematics and drawings got to be submitted to obtain permits. It is now necessary to hire a licensed contractor who will pick up the permit and sign up for all the required documents. They have a different lead-time (usually 4–8 weeks) depending on the state you live in.

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As far as hiring goes, it’s good to interview at least three different contractors, do the walkthrough, and get their job estimates within a time frame. In that case, you will have three various offers on the table, and that’s good, especially if you never had to do hiring contractors before because you will have a better picture of the prices. From those three offers, one will be the worst one so you can get rid of it, the other two might be very similar, so pick the one that suits you best.

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Demo Day

Demo Day, it’s an important one. You are going to have to decide what to do with all the stuff you have in your kitchen, meaning you have to clear all the cabinets, pantries and either keep them in another section of the house, garage maybe, or get the storage for the stuff you don’t need.

The ideal would be to move out of the house for the time being, but you have to set up a “temporary kitchen” somewhere else in the house if that’s not possible. You will have to talk to your family about those issues and your contractor about his daily work schedule, debris removal (like old cabinetry, sink, or flooring). That’s going to make your kitchen remodeling project much smoother and more manageable.

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Done… Almost

As said above, almost done because there will be some bigger or smaller problems in a big job as full kitchen remodeling. It could be anything starting with a little scratch on the new wall or a splatter of paint on your new fancy flooring. Whatever that case could be, don’t be discouraged; things happen. Please make a list of all those things, even with pictures, and send them to your contractor. It might take a few visits from him to fix those issues, but nothing is perfect, and things might happen. As soon it is all done, go and enjoy your brand new kitchen.

Your turn: tell us how you “survive” your kitchen remodel or share before and after pictures

Originally published at on October 28, 2020.

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