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Making a small kitchen look bigger…???

Try these 12 strategies to get more room and create a larger feel.

Every homeowner wants more room in their kitchen. Any size kitchen can appear even more spacious if you know several tricks. Holding on to white furniture and surfaces is a solid start. Still, there are many other ways to create extra room in your kitchen. Or make the illusion of a bigger space than you have, all without sacrificing a sense of personality.

Go Skinny

Implement an island within your small kitchen.

Islands are workhorses in the kitchen. Aside from the other countertops, all give an extra surface space that can be used for meal prep, serving, or as a spot to sit and hang out with family and buddies. These with a small kitchen usually assume there’s no way they can squeeze in an island, but you’d be amazed at just how little you can go.


10 Steps To Functional Furniture Arrangements

Simple steps to follow to get an ideal furniture layout

There is a list of steps below on how to get started with a kitchen remodeling project.

It’s easy to say, “ I’m remodeling my kitchen.” But how? Where to start the project? What the steps to take? Because it’s a big project, people tend to start with the easiest, meaning looking at other kitchen ideas online, in magazines, etc. Or they start looking and choosing their future kitchen appliances. Many aspects consider thinking about remodeling the kitchen; as mentioned before, many homeowners get lost and distracted with overwhelming options for their kitchen updates because it’s a significant project. …

Counter seating is trendy in today’s modern kitchens, which indeed raises the issue of what kind of seating arrangement: bar or counter stools to match with your kitchen bar. Considering stools are regularly used more often than dining chairs, they demand to be strong, with a modern color scheme matching design, and just the appropriate height. Although getting a bar or counter stools may not be complicated, there’s more favoring than satisfies the looks only.

Find The Deals Of Your Dreams On Our Beautiful Hand-Picked Designs at Dot&

Here’s how to find the best stool for your counter height, what…

Kitchen bars are the centers around which everyday motions turn in numerous tasks around your improved kitchen. And that involves a bar, and counter seats have more use than most other seating areas around the whole house. Suppose you’ve happened to live with stools that are exposing their period of use. In that case, read below what materials and designs to look for that you can’t go wrong with choosing your new.

Rattan/Wicker Stools

10 Benefits Of Working From Home In [2020] Way Better Than You Thought

Work in your PJs, avoid the commute, return emails from a bed while drinking a coffee-you’ve heard the predicted advantages of working remotely (and yes, they’re real!). But amazing things might overwhelm you about what it’s like if you don’t have to go to the office each day.

Take a look at these ten ideas. Your life can be changed when you work remotely.

Your Home Office Can Be Any Kind

In the last few months, with the coronavirus outbreak, more people are working from home than ever. If you’re new to working remotely, specific tips. How to work from home efficiently can help you stay productive and control stability.

The worldwide extent of the spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, is holding people at home. The world is on lockdown, including even in areas that aren’t, people are urged to stay home.

What’s the perfect height ???

Open kitchen floor plans are trendy, so breakfast bars are the perfect complement by allowing for easy interactions and casual get together. Considering the breakfast bar, the island or countertop serves as an informal divider between the kitchen and other living areas while maintaining a sense of openness.

This kitchen workhorse also provides much-needed storage and counter space. Let’s say “the busiest area” in the whole house from both a social and functional standpoint. The breakfast bar also serves as an eating area for quick and casual meals, breakfast, for example.

Shopping for bar or counter stools is not as easy as you would think because knowing the difference between them is essential. Otherwise, you might end up with a chair that is too short to let you reach your drink or food. Or you might get a too tall stool and hit your knees on the under the counter. Necessary measurements using a measuring tape and a little bit of knowledge are all that you need to pick the perfect height for your new stools.


Hopefully practical and simple ideas for home decorating, interior designs, and furniture options

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